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Objectives | Strategics Lines | Main Functions


  • Do observation and research in science of the universe and astroparticles, comprising atomic nuclei and associated radiation.
  • Contribute to the sphere of competence to the development of technology, from its generation to its implementation, priority responding requests and projects of national importance.
  • Contribute to the training of qualified personnel in research and technology development.
  • Collaborate with the industry in technical assistance and technology transfer, providing for a close relationship with the community.
  • Do technological developments associated to these observations and/or internationals projects.

Strategics Lines

  • Research in detection of messengers throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, cosmic rays and neutrinos, observational cosmology and dark matter
  • Innovative high-tech developments, primarily in electronics, telecommunications, control systems and data adquisition.

Main Functions

  • Form work units for research and development in areas related to the activity of the institute, promoting exchange with experts of other organizations for the best fulfill the objectives.
  • Spread the results of its activity by the means and procedures it deems appropriate, complying with with applicable regulations.
  • Plan and promote graduate careers in the USAM for the perfectioning of investigators and technologists in areas within the objectives and strategic lines of the institute.
  • Plan and promote the perfectioning of investigators, technologists and technicians in other centres in the country or abroad and participation and exchange with experts from other similar organizations for the best fulfil the objectives.
  • Receive professionals from other centres of the country or abroad, for specialized training and research.